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‘We make travel planning simple, secure and affordable.’

Adam Storey, Managing Director

Travel Deals Worldwide was set up in 2018 by Adam Storey, a keen traveller who, frustrated with long, repetitive travel research and booking processes, decided to find a new way to plan, organise and enjoy travel.

Fuelled by the vision of a much simpler way of travel booking, Adam worked long hours in his spare time, setting up a brand-new website with the help of Stewart Maxwell, a fellow globetrotter. Together, the two travellers have visited over 70 countries around the world and experienced first-hand the challenges of having to visit multiple websites to book a trip, whether for business or pleasure.

With the concept finally in hand, Adam and Stewart undertook extensive customer research and brought in travel industry experts to create the final, perfect solution. Of course, nothing stands still and Travel Deals Worldwide actively encourages customer feedback and suggestions in order to add new services and refine existing ones.

The company’s mission is to make travel planning more engaging and visual backed by a dedicated concierge team, for all the information they need on a trip – a true “all-in-one” travel experience.

With our expert advice and assistance, you can relax and feel assured that you’ve come to the right place. We’ll create for you amazing travel experiences and unique trips that turn your dreams into reality.