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Five of the best Indonesia beaches near Jakarta


02 June 2021

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When asked what we know about Indonesia, most of us will pause, think a bit, and think a bit more.  We know we’ve definitely heard of Indonesia, and we know it’s in Asia, so Indonesia beaches spring to mind straight away!  And when asked if we know of any specific places in Indonesia, most of us can name Bali and Jakarta, and maybe Java and Sumatra.  If you know much more than that, you’ve almost certainly already visited this amazing country and already know it’s a must-visit destination!  

It’s definitely less well known than neighbouring countries, but Indonesia is beautiful.  In fact, for those in the know, it’s “Wonderful Indonesia”.  Indonesia is actually a vast country, with its 17,000 or so islands spread across four time zones and a population of 240 million.  Not surprising, then, that it’s a country of contrasts.  It has the third-largest area of rainforest (only the Amazon and the Congo Basin are bigger), with some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. The famous Komodo dragon can be found in Indonesia, along with orangutans, tigers and even rhinos. 

Not surprising, for the world’s largest archipelago, there are unspoiled beaches galore.  As well as Indonesia beaches and land-based creatures, the country has some of the most diverse underwater environments in the world, making it a mecca for divers looking for something a bit different. 

The culture vultures among us have more temples we can visit than we can shake a stick at.  Having been at the centre of some of the main trading routes for centuries, Indonesia is a melting pot. This is reflected in the wide range of different cuisines, art, theatre and music that you can explore across the islands.  

And then there’s Jakarta. There’s so much to do, everything from amazing food, nightlife, bars, shopping and culture.  And let’s not forget the great Jakarta beaches when you are looking for a break from the hustle, bustle, and noise of Indonesia’s capital city.

It might surprise you, but some of the Jakarta beach options challenge for a spot on our list of the best Indonesia beaches.  It can take a while to reach the beaches near Jakarta, but it’s definitely worth the effort. We’ve listed a few of the ones we think are the best beaches in Jakarta.

Ancol Beach Jakarta

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (also known as Ancol Dreamland) is Southeast Asia’s largest integrated tourism area. There’s so much to do in the resort it can keep you busy for days, with attractions including Ancol SeaWorld, a water park, a theme park, markets, an eco-park, SeaWorld, and even a championship golf course!  As well as the Indonesia beaches that are the subject of this post! Ancol Beach has made it to our list of Jakarta beach options because it is so easy to get to from the city centre, whether by train, bus or car. There’s even a gondola, which goes along the shoreline, giving riders incredible views of the sea and the resort itself.

Macan Island Beach 

Part of the Thousand Islands Jakarta archipelago, Macan is an eco-friendly island resort, just a couple of hours from Marina Ancol by ferry.  Double-check the timings, though, because sailings are limited. It’s also possible to rent a private boat or take an organised day trip. 

If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle, Macan Island Jakarta should definitely be on your list.  Especially as only a limited number of guests are allowed on the island at a time. It’s not just about enjoying lying on idyllic Indonesia beaches, though. There are paddleboards and canoes available to hire, and the snorkelling is out of this world.

Karang Songsong Beach 

Karang Songsong Beach, located in the Panggarangan district, is one of the most photogenic of the Jakarta beaches, with large waves crashing onto rocks jutting out to sea.  Just do a google picture search for this beach, and you will see why!  The search will also give you some ideas for all the photos you’ll be able to take yourself when you visit! 

Much of the beach’s charm is this dramatic seascape.  But there are other reasons to take the four-hour car journey to visit it.  Firstly, there are not many people on Karang Songsong beach, so there’s no need to struggle to find your own spot on the sandy part of the beach. Instead, you will have your choice on where to sit and enjoy a little R&R, with teak and mahogany trees providing the perfect backdrop.  Among all the rocks strewn around the beach, there are loads of rock pools.  If you want to explore your inner David Attenborough, these pools will give you a fantastic view of some of the beautiful marine life of the region.

Pramuka Island 

If you fancy a beach on a lush island in the middle of the ocean, Pramuka Island is exactly the Indonesian island that you’re looking for, just a couple of hours by sea from Jakarta.

Located in the middle of the archipelago of the Thousand Islands Jakarta, this Jakarta beach is a tourist favourite.  Besides lazing on its idyllic white sandy beaches, there are many opportunities to go snorkelling, enjoying the beautiful marine life right by the beach.  Other water sports to enjoy include fishing, canoeing, and diving. You can also take the opportunity to find out about the islanders’ activities to conserve the rare hawksbill turtle or simply enjoy the beauty of the mangroves. All in all, Pramuka Island is a great place to let your hair down, enjoy the serene surroundings and enjoy the water sports.

Karang Bolong Beach 

Karang Bolong beach got its name from a huge rock with a big hole in it. Regardless of the origin of its name, this is one of the more secluded Indonesia beaches near Jakarta, more known by locals than tourists. It’s not recommended as a swimming spot, though, as the waves that are thought to have caused the big hole included in the name are rather large. 

In addition to the famous arch, there are other cliffs to explore.  And if you are visiting during the wet season, you can admire the Karang Bolong Waterfall, a dramatic sight as the water falls directly from the clifftop to the sea.  Definitely one of the Indonesia beaches to visit for the stunning views. And the photo opportunities aren’t to be sniffed at, either.

Final words

Hopefully, our selection has inspired you to go ahead and book that long-awaited trip to Indonesia, where you’ll find welcoming, friendly people as well as great food and culture. Oh, and don’t forget the stunning scenery, tropical rainforests, amazing wildlife and, of course, those pristine beaches under a golden sun.